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Xserve IPMI issue

Posted March 31, 2015
Written by Sergio Rodrigues
Category Server
ipmi_si has an issue on the Xserve 2,1
IPMI: BT reset (takes 5 secs)
IPMI BT: timeout in XACTION [ 	B_BUSY H2B ]
After spending sometime trying to get it to work i found a solution

Just add ipmi_si.addrs=0x90841000 ipmi_si.irqs=16 to the kernel boot options

In Ubuntu add this to /etc/default/grub

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="ipmi_si.addrs=0x90841000 ipmi_si.irqs=16"

"The si_type may be either "kcs", "smic", or "bt".  If you leave it blank,
it defaults to "kcs"." source: http://openipmi.sourceforge.net/IPMI.txt

According to that, only one can be used!

What happens is kcs loads then bt loads after and then it hangs, adding the mem address and irqs solves this!


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